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Design Styles
Design styles have changed over the years; find out what era your favorite…


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Antique and Vintage furniture - used furniture

Antique or Vintage
The word “vintage” and “antique,” are often used interchangeably …


Shop Our Used Furniture Collection

We work hard to find quality-built gently used furniture to offer our customers.  Our selection ranges from antiques and vintage to newer and more modern pieces.   Our furniture stock changes weekly, so you never know what we may have next.  We always say “What’s here today, will surely be gone tomorrow!”  But the good news is, each time a piece in the showroom is sold, we have another unique item waiting to take it’s place.  

Shop our inventory and get great prices on “gently-used” items for your home…and savings up to 70% off of retail prices.

Unique Vintage and Antique furniture

We regularly stock vintage and antique furniture; some of the pieces we get in are once in a lifetime pieces.   Have you ever seen a Hoosier cabinet?  It’s a great example of one of those cool vintage pieces that we’ve had in our store.  How about a antique Murphy bed?  You gotta come by, if only to see furniture history.

Project Pieces

We also stock a few pieces of furniture that may show a fair amount of wear, but would make great project pieces because of their unique style.  We have a small following that enjoys refinishing or re-purposing furniture and are quick to snatch up the “old worn out” pieces that others might pass over.

Whether you’re just starting out and need the basics to fill your home, or someone looking for those “well built, stand the test-of-time” pieces, we’ve got you covered!  Stop by often so you won’t miss the next cool piece we have to sell.

Second Sale Estate Liquidation offers used furniture at affordable prices!  Visit our used furniture shop before heading to those pricey name brand stores, you may just find what you’re looking for at a great price. 

We Deliver!

Found some furniture that you really like, but not sure how you could ever get it home?  We can deliver the furniture and set it up for you while you sit back and enjoy your awesome find! – ask one of our sales associates about home delivery.