Creating an Outdoor Oasis on a Budget

With the onset of warmer weather and the additional hours of daylight comes the natural desire to spend more time outdoors.

But it’s no fun to enjoy cocktails on the patio if your outdoor space is lackluster.

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget by second sale consignments

If the outdoor extension of your indoor living space is in need  some sprucing up, we’ve gathered some ideas to help you kick things up a notch, while keeping  a budget in mind.

First and foremost you’ll need to have an area designated for relaxing, which means appropriate seating is paramount. Luckily for you at Second Sale Consignments we’ve typically got a variety of patio furniture sets on hand in different styles to suit all tastes and decor styles and at prices you can’t beat. If you like to think outside of the box, you could even turn a daybed into an outdoor sofa if you’ve got a covered area. Or if you already have a set you love, update or change the look with a coat of paint in bright white or a fun and funky pop of color. Once you’ve selected your seating arrangement, you can personalize and pep it up by adding a few new brightly-colored outdoor pillows to set the tone.

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget

Photo from frontgate.comcreating an outdoor oasis on a budget - seating is keyPhoto from Sam’s Club

Once you have seating nailed down, you’ll need some table space. Nobody wants to eat a plate of BBQ on their lap or be forced to continuously hold their wineglass due to lack of table tops. A small cafe table, a few side tables, or a large dining table will fit the bill and you can make your selection based on your space and capacity needs. And don’t limit yourself to strictly outdoor furniture when looking for these pieces. We often get in metal and glass tables that would work just as well outdoors as they do indoors. Especially in covered or screened-in porches, your materials can include wicker, rattan, iron, glass and more.

With outdoor furniture selected, the next step in creating your outdoor oasis is to work on setting the mood. Consider an outdoor rug, which can be purchased at an affordable price at your local big box store. The rug will add some color and vibrancy as well as help define your outdoor space. Lighting is also a key element in making your backyard bistro enjoyable, and the options are endless. A simple strand or two of overhead lighting can add to the ambiance of your patio scene, but why stop there? Kick things up a notch and really make your space unique by adding unexpected lighting elements like candles (real or flameless) inside lanterns or a small birdcage or upcycling an outdated brass chandelier into a candle-lier- all of which we’ve been known to have on hand at Second Sale Consignments.

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget - lighting is key

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creating an outdoor oasis on a budget - use lanterns and flameless candles for lighting

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For a touch of whimsy, grab a few old windows and hang them on your fence, deck railing, or side of your home, and add a planter box to bring in some greenery and a natural element.

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget - use an old window as a planter

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The icing on your outdoor oasis cake is the greenery. Of course, you’re likely surrounded by some green due to the natural setting of your patio. However, intentionally adding natural touches to your outdoor gathering space will tie in the outdoor environment while still allowing the space to feel like an extension of your indoor living space. Planter boxes are a great versatile choice giving you space to combine a variety of plants and flowers in one container, portability to move around your outdoor space as needed, and an abundance of options for the box’s finish from leaving it natural, to painting it fresh, crisp white or a bright and bold color. If you happen to have an old, tired ladder around (or perhaps we have one in our store), you can use it to collect a variety of potted plants and flower in one place and create a visually appealing display of greenery.

outdoor oasis on a budget Photo from

outdooroasis7Photo from

So, whatever your plans are for updating your outdoor space, you should consider stopping in to Second Sale Consignments. From the main furniture elements to the decorative touches that will make your backyard spot unique, personalized, and fun, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Come check us out and turn that boring backyard into an outdoor oasis, all while saving some money and supporting a local business.

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