Estate Sales are for Everyone

Gone are the days where estate sales followed the death of an aged person with a large,  antique-filled home.

estate sales are for everyone: second sale consignments

In this day and age, lots of people have estate sales while they’re still alive and their antique collection is slim to none. Modern estate sales are utilized when folks want to downsize, make a big move (say, across country), or just clean house.

Whether you’re looking to downsize because you no longer have children in the home or you’re looking to simplify, you’ve got a cross-country (or inter-continental) PCS move in the future, or it’s just time to do a really thorough clean-out, Second Sale Consignments can help manage all of your estate sale needs.

Our owner and operator, Bob Burns, has more than 40 years of experience in the business and will determine the right price for your items or for the entire estate, whatever your preference. We  take the time to research high-value items to ensure we’re assigning the correct pricing. We put in the time and the effort, and you end up with money in your pocket and a potentially empty home without the hassle of piece-mealing out every item in your estate. If you don’t have enough items for an official estate sale we can also quote you a price for your things and haul them away to our store.

It can be difficult to host an estate sale in your own home and even harder to see your once-loved items selling for less than you’d hoped, or not selling at all. Or, if you happen to fall into the category of a traditional estate sale, letting Second Sale Consignments manage the sale will help relieve some of the emotional burden of having to deal with a deceased loved one’s belongings or spending an abundance of time in their now-uninhabited home.

And don’t worry about the contents of your home. While popular, antiques are not the only item on the list for frequent estate-salers. These days modern furnishings and home items from places such as Pier 1 and Pottery Barn draw just as much attention as valuable antiques and crystal glassware, and everything from kitchen mixing bowls and board games will be on someone’s estate sale wish list.

So whether you’re looking into an estate sale due to death, divorce, downsizing, or debt, we’re here to help. Let Second Sale Consignments manage your estate sale needs and remove the hassle and the burden from your to-do list. You’ll end up with some extra cash and we may just end up with a few gems to add to our ever-changing inventory. It’s a win-win.

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