How to Fill Up that Newly Empty Nest

The back to school season is in full swing and if you’ve got a college student that’s out of town, or out of state, your home just got a little more quiet.

Rather than sulking in their absence and reminiscing about days past, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and repurpose their old space into something new, exciting and useful in your newly empty nest!

How to Fill Up that Newly Empty Nest by Second Sale Consignments

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Storage Space

It’s true. You can never have enough storage space. And if places to stash stuff are at a premium in your home, closets are overflowing, and the attic is stuffed to the brim, then converting that now-empty bedroom into storage might be just the ticket! Utilize storage systems, shelving, and various containers to create usable and easily accessible storage space. The added space and organization is sure to relieve some stress.  Or if you’ve always dreamed of having a walk-in closet then seize the opportunity to create a dreamy new space to house all your clothing, shoes and accessories. You can design a designated space for your most-treasured items and even construct an entire wall for shoe storage! The sky’s the limit. And you can always leave room for a twin-sized bed so that your student still has somewhere to call home when they come back on weekends and holidays.

Embrace Your Hobbies

The departure of your college kid probably also means a little more free time. And what better to do with some newly acquired free time than to take up new hobbies or really devote some quality time to previous hobbies. Revamp your newly extra room into a hobby room where you can spend time with your latest interests and store all of your supplies. From jewelry making to scrapbooking, you can easily transform a bedroom into a hobby room by removing large furniture, adding a long table or countertop along the length of the room, and installing an abundance of shelving for your supplies and to display and finished products you’re particularly proud of.

Focus on Yourself

You’ve likely spent decades focusing on  your children, now it’s time to turn the focus onto yourself. Repurpose that extra bedroom into a quiet space for self-improvement. Use the space to focus on your well being and equip the space for fitness, yoga and meditation. Add a yoga mat, fitness equipment, and maybe a radio for upbeat music for working out and calming music of meditation. Using the space to focus on your physical and mental health can help you become a better version of yourself and also sets a great example for your children about the importance and effects of self-care. 

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