About Us

Shop local businessOur store was originally located in the heart of Great Bridge for many years; most people knew exactly where to find us just by telling them the “blue store” by the locks.   Sadly, the owners of the property decided to sell our “blue” building to a developer who has since torn down the old store.

Never fear!  We are alive and kicking!  You can now find us in our new location in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake at the intersection of Volvo parkway and Kempsville Road in the Orchard Square shopping center.

Second Sale is a family owned business specializing in unique real-wood furniture.   The owner Cameron Culpeper travels up and down the east coast in search of quality furniture to sell.  Working with Cameron in the store you will find his fiancée Darlene and sometimes his teenage kids, Brandon and Elizabeth.  His sister helps out with the website and his nephew Caleb, lends a hand now-and-then moving furniture and welding display rails for the store. 

Come by and see our unique and constantly changing inventory.  We have nice selection of furniture, jewelry, home decor and more.  You will often hear us say “if you see something you like, ya better buy it because it might not be here tomorrow.” 

At Second Sale Estate Liquidation, we believe in the importance of local small business. We are an active part of our community and we strive to help promote and support other small, local businesses. Shop with us today, support your local community and find unique piece of furniture at a great price!