Creating an Outdoor Oasis on a Budget

With the onset of warmer weather and the additional hours of daylight comes the natural desire to spend more time outdoors.

But it’s no fun to enjoy cocktails on the patio if your outdoor space is lackluster.

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget by second sale consignments

If the outdoor extension of your indoor living space is in need  some sprucing up, we’ve gathered some ideas to help you kick things up a notch, while keeping  a budget in mind.

First and foremost you’ll need to have an area designated for relaxing, which means appropriate seating is paramount. Luckily for you at Second Sale Consignments we’ve typically got a variety of patio furniture sets on hand in different styles to suit all tastes and decor styles and at prices you can’t beat. If you like to think outside of the box, you could even turn a daybed into an outdoor sofa if you’ve got a covered area. Or if you already have a set you love, update or change the look with a coat of paint in bright white or a fun and funky pop of color. Once you’ve selected your seating arrangement, you can personalize and pep it up by adding a few new brightly-colored outdoor pillows to set the tone.

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget

Photo from frontgate.comcreating an outdoor oasis on a budget - seating is keyPhoto from Sam’s Club

Once you have seating nailed down, you’ll need some table space. Nobody wants to eat a plate of BBQ on their lap or be forced to continuously hold their wineglass due to lack of table tops. A small cafe table, a few side tables, or a large dining table will fit the bill and you can make your selection based on your space and capacity needs. And don’t limit yourself to strictly outdoor furniture when looking for these pieces. We often get in metal and glass tables that would work just as well outdoors as they do indoors. Especially in covered or screened-in porches, your materials can include wicker, rattan, iron, glass and more.

With outdoor furniture selected, the next step in creating your outdoor oasis is to work on setting the mood. Consider an outdoor rug, which can be purchased at an affordable price at your local big box store. The rug will add some color and vibrancy as well as help define your outdoor space. Lighting is also a key element in making your backyard bistro enjoyable, and the options are endless. A simple strand or two of overhead lighting can add to the ambiance of your patio scene, but why stop there? Kick things up a notch and really make your space unique by adding unexpected lighting elements like candles (real or flameless) inside lanterns or a small birdcage or upcycling an outdated brass chandelier into a candle-lier- all of which we’ve been known to have on hand at Second Sale Consignments.

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget - lighting is key

Photo from

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget - use lanterns and flameless candles for lighting

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For a touch of whimsy, grab a few old windows and hang them on your fence, deck railing, or side of your home, and add a planter box to bring in some greenery and a natural element.

creating an outdoor oasis on a budget - use an old window as a planter

Photo from

The icing on your outdoor oasis cake is the greenery. Of course, you’re likely surrounded by some green due to the natural setting of your patio. However, intentionally adding natural touches to your outdoor gathering space will tie in the outdoor environment while still allowing the space to feel like an extension of your indoor living space. Planter boxes are a great versatile choice giving you space to combine a variety of plants and flowers in one container, portability to move around your outdoor space as needed, and an abundance of options for the box’s finish from leaving it natural, to painting it fresh, crisp white or a bright and bold color. If you happen to have an old, tired ladder around (or perhaps we have one in our store), you can use it to collect a variety of potted plants and flower in one place and create a visually appealing display of greenery.

outdoor oasis on a budget Photo from

outdooroasis7Photo from

So, whatever your plans are for updating your outdoor space, you should consider stopping in to Second Sale Consignments. From the main furniture elements to the decorative touches that will make your backyard spot unique, personalized, and fun, we’ve got a little something for everyone. Come check us out and turn that boring backyard into an outdoor oasis, all while saving some money and supporting a local business.

PCS Season is Here

For military families in Hampton Roads, PCS season is just around the corner.


What exactly is PCS season? Typically considered June through August, it’s the time when most military personnel and their families receive permanent change of duty station orders and have to move as a result. So around these parts we’re likely to see an influx of “For Rent” and “For Sale” signs going up, followed by the quick removal of those signs as military members newly stationed in the area move in.

If you’re a military family currently or about-to-be stationed in Hampton Roads, Second Sale Consignments should be on your list of places to stop by on your way in, or out of the area.

De-clutter, Get Cash
For those heading elsewhere, now is the time to de-clutter and pare down your belongings. Don’t let TMO pack everything in your house only to end up on the other side of the country with mountains of boxes to unpack, full of household items you could have done without. Consider the size of your current home and the size of your soon-to-be residence and take a look at items you might need or want to get rid of before you move. From artwork and home decor items, to both indoor and outdoor furniture, we are available to purchase your items. What better way to start off life in a new duty station than with less clutter and a little more cash in your pocket to help with the moving expenses along the way? Or if you’re upsizing in the housing department in your new location, we might just have a few pieces of furniture to help you fill up that square footage.

Save Money on Stuff for Your New Place
Are you a military family new to Hampton Roads? Welcome! We’re happy you’re here. If you’re in need of home furnishing or decor to deck out your new abode, we’ve got something for everybody in stock. Our stock is always changing but you can typically find a wide variety of items in our shop like bedroom furniture such as dressers, headboards and footboards, living room furniture, including  armchairs, couches, coffee tables, side tables,  and other items like dining sets, dishware, and other home decor items and artwork. We have a little bit of everything and there’s certain to be something on hand that would serve you well in your new home in Hampton Roads.

And if you didn’t clean house before you left your last duty station, keep us in mind for buying some of your unwanted items as you begin unpacking boxes and going through your belongings. Items that don’t fit into your new residence  due to space or the new decor-scheme will likely bring you a little extra cash – just get in touch with us and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer pick up and delivery services, and will even set the furniture up in your home for an extra fee. Just one less thing to worry about during this busy time! 

Fixer Upper Finds at Second Sale Consignments

If you’re like millions of folks across the country you’ve likely heard of, and are deeply in love with, Chip and Joanna Gaines.

You don’t know who they are? Well let us get you up to speed. They’re the adorably down-to-earth, extremely lovable husband and wife duo starring in HGTV’s hit show, Fixer Upper. The Texas-based couple helps folks find and transform older homes into the stuff of dreams. They renovate, remodel, and then Joanna swoops in to decorate, always revealing a beautifully breathtaking final product that has the clients and the viewing audience “oohing” and “aahing.” The pair has a keen eye for design, but Joanna always manages to take things over the top with her decor and finishing touches.

fixer upper collage

Joanna’s preferred decor style could best be described as Farmhouse Chic. She simply adores some shiplap on a wall and a good farmhouse sink. She manages to effortlessly mix natural, modern, and vintage items to create a sought-after decor style that is all her own. Typically, small hints of colorful patterns and decorative pieces stand out against a semi-monotone color palette. She’s a fan of using old books, vases, wall hangings and vintage light fixtures to add immense detail to a space. So if you’re  not ready for a full overhaul of your space, but you’re loving the Fixer Upper vibe, we have some great ideas for decor elements that will have you feeling like you went shopping with the Gaines clan.

As we mentioned, when it comes to Fixer Upper style, it’s all about detail. Adding fun elements throughout your space will be eye-catching and unique. The following items are things we’ve had in stock at one time or another, that fall right in line with Joanna’s (or JoJo as we like to call her) taste.

This vintage library index card cabinet is a unique piece that would add a touch of whimsy to any room in your home. It’s exactly something JoJo would snap up in a heartbeat.

fixer upper library cards

Joanna is all about the “kiddos” (they have four themselves), and this charming school desk and chair set, accompanied by this fun little globe, are understated yet quirky pieces that a Fixer Upper home might have in an office or children’s playroom.

fixer upper school chair

Ladder shelving like this set is a hot commodity right now. We could see a great collection of vintage finds lining the shelves, like the lanterns and metalwork pictured below – something Joanna would definitely approve of.

fixer upper ladders

fixer upper cross

fixer upper lanterns

We know storage is key in any home. These antique numbered crocks provide a farmhouse vibe but also give you some added storage wherever you place them, or take them out into the garden to use as planters.

fixer upper pots

Who doesn’t love a solid, old-fashioned brass bed? We know JoJo does! It’s hard to say whether she’d use a gem like this in the traditional sense, to jazz up a guest room, or take it to another level and use it as wall decor or something for the garden, because she knows about some outdoor decor too!

fixer upper brass bed

Joanna is also known for adding a personalized touch. Whether it’s a giant monogram, or finding a piece of the family’s history and creating a piece of art with it, personal details are what make a house a home.

So if you’ve got a hankerin’ to add some Fixer Upper style into your home then you need to to scoot on down to Second Sale Consignments to see what we’ve got in stock. Because our inventory is ever-changing we’ve always got something on hand that would catch Joanna’s eye or make Chip take a second look.

Spring Clean: Organize

So now that you’ve spring cleaned and de-cluttered it’s time to get your house back in order by organizing what you have left and tidying up your space.

Organization can be a scary word and an overwhelming process. But like that well-loved and comfortable armchair in your living room, we’re here for you. (What? You don’t have one of those? Stop into the shop and pick one up ASAP) We’ve culled some great resources to help you get started on your spring cleaning organizational journey. Organizing your home is a process, after all, it didn’t become disorganized overnight. But if you check out some of the tips and tricks we’re sharing you home will be in tip top shape before you know it!

We found some great info over at Operation Organization, including 7 habits of highly organized people. One of the things that stood out was “find a place for everything.” Clutter happens quickly when items don’t have a designated home. Additionally, when items have a designated space you are able to find them more easily when you need them instead of wasting precious time looking for something or spending money buying a duplicate item. Specify a place for loose change, keys, remote controls, office supplies, etc. The old adage “a place for everything, and everything in its place” will serve you well organizationally.


Over at, the author has a wealth of great organization ideas broken down into specific items or areas of the home you’re looking to tackle such as larger areas like a kitchen or a bathroom and down to collections of memorabilia, paperwork, children’s toys, and even your purse! The small areas of our home and clutter catches are what build up to an overwhelming feeling of disorganization. So check out some of her ideas. Start small and take on one thing at a time. In no time your home will feel more put together and you’ll be less stressed.


A common thread we found across the majority of organization-themed blogs and websites was having a plan. Decide which areas or rooms of your home need to be taken care of and organized first and create a plan for yourself. Once you know where you’re starting, dive in. Take stock of all the items in the room or area and figure out which items need a new home, or need a home in that room, period. Once you have a handle of the items you’re looking to organize then you’ll have a better idea of any storage solutions you may need to locate or purchase. Set yourself up for success by starting your process with the containers, bins, and baskets you’ll need to find everything a permanent place.

organize3 organize4 organize5

While you’re going through the organizational process you may come across additional items that you’re looking to get rid of. If you happen to find furniture, glassware, home decor, lighting, artwork, jewelry, or dishes that you no longer want, consider bringing them to Second Sale Consignments. We offer cash for your unwanted items.

Spring Cleaning: Declutter

Now that you’ve completed your annual spring cleaning, it’s time to simplify and declutter. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, or even what you might need to get rid of.

spring cleaning declutter

We’ve compiled a list to help you get started on some items you can automatically throw out, as well as some items you might consider consigning at our shop:

Some items to toss:

  • Old magazines: Chances are you aren’t going to read them again.
  • Receipts, bills and documents: Throw away receipts for items you aren’t planning to return or that you won’t need at tax time.
  • Clothing: Use the two-year rule for clothes – get rid of items you haven’t worn in two years.
  • Books: Go through your bookshelves and get rid of books you haven’t touched in months or those you aren’t going to read or re-read.
  • Medicine and vitamins: Check out your medicine cabinet and clear out items that have expired or that you no longer have use for. (Before tossing in the trash – which isn’t safe – check and see if your local police department or pharmacy is holding a medicine drop event where you can safely dispose of expired or unused medicines, or check out for proper disposal methods.)
  • Makeup and perfume: Clean out your beauty stash and toss anything too old or that you don’t use.
  • Jewelry: Get rid of broken costume jewelry or sell anything you don’t wear (to us!)
  • Food: Rummage through the pantry, fridge, and shelves and clear out items that are old, unused or downright questionable.
  • Memorabilia: If you have cards or other memorabilia scattered around without any purpose, check and see if there’s some you’re willing to part with. Save the super sentimental items and part with the rest
  • Old product boxes
  • Hangers from the dry cleaner’s/Plastic hangers from a retail store

Items to consider selling:

  • Extra dishware: Have an entire set of dishware or matching glassware that is sitting on a shelf in a China cabinet collecting dust? We’ll take a look at it.
  • Jewelry: If you don’t wear it there’s no use in keeping it. But we can probably find it a new owner if you bring it into the shop.
  • Rugs and home decor stashed in the garage or attic: If you haven’t used it because you’ve redecorated then it’s time for it to find a new home.
  • Knick knacks and other home decor that doesn’t make you smile when you look at it.
  • Holiday decor you never remember to put out.
  • Unused vases: You probably only need two or three (I mean, how often do you actually have fresh flowers in the house?) Send the rest our way and see if we can get you some extra cash!
  • Fancy serving bowls you haven’t used in the last year. Someone out there is going all-out for a dinner party next week and your dusty serving bowl is exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Artwork: You redecorated or your taste has changed and you’ve likely got some artwork stacked up in a closet. Dust it off and drop it by the shop where we’re always on the lookout for unique and popular artwork to add to our ever changing stock.

Once you’ve decluttered and decided what you no longer use or need. Come pay us a visit at Second Sale Consignments. We buy furniture, jewelry, art, housewares, decor, lighting and more. We also purchase silver, gold, single items or entire estates! So while you’re making your house a more inviting environment by getting rid of unused items, put some extra cash in  your pocket by consigning them to us!

Stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll give you some ideas for organizing and storing items in your home, to help you complete the whole spring cleaning process!

Spring Cleaning: Deep Cleaning Tips

Your windows are open, the temps are warming up and there’s a delightful coating of bright yellow pollen on everything in sight. It must be spring! And that means it’s time to air out the house, freshen things up and do some spring cleaning.

spring cleaning deep cleaning

From decluttering to dusting, now is the time to get things in your house in order so you can spend the warmer spring and summer months outdoors, enjoying the weather knowing that your home is clean and orderly.

A traditional spring cleaning is usually considered a more rigorous cleaning, or as some would say, a deep cleaning. It’s more than just your typical dusting and mopping and includes things like washing curtains and cleaning your blinds (have you looked at those lately? Whew!)  We’ve compiled an abbreviated spring cleaning checklist to get you going:

Living room:

  • Remove all decor from shelves and dust.
  • Dust and clean glass on hanging pictures and frames.
  • Remove couch cushions and vacuum, fluff and replace pillows.
  • If cushions or pillows have removable covers, throw them in the washer and dryer.
  • Remove area rugs and shake out, vacuum all carpets and move furniture to reach underneath.
  • Wipe down baseboards and wash walls.
  • Dust all plants.
  • Dust ceiling fan blades, remove and wash light covers as needed.
  • Dust all light fixtures, replace bulbs as needed, wipe down light switches.
  • Clean windows and blinds and toss curtains and draperies in the washer and dryer.


  • Empty cabinets and wipe down the interior. Before putting things back, check for anything you no longer use or want.
  • Wipe down outside of cabinets.
  • Dust light fixtures. Remove and wash covers as needed.
  • Pull large appliances away from the wall and sweet and mop the floor, if possible.
  • Remove everything from the fridge. Wipe down entire inside. Repeat on outside.
  • Run self-cleaning option on oven, if available. Don’t forget the outside!
  • Clean microwave inside and out.
  • Wash all baseboards and wall areas.
  • Remove silverware and other items from drawers. Wipe out and return items.
  • Mop/clean floor with appropriate cleaner for surface.


  • Deep clean shower with appropriate cleaners for surface.
  • Remove shower head and soak in lime away product. Clean other shower fixtures with appropriate cleaning product until shiny.
  • Remove shower curtain and clean. Replace curtain or liner if needed.
  • Toss out old or empty bath product containers. Wipe down any bath storage fixtures.
  • Remove toilet lid so the entire bowl is accessible. Clean down to the base of the bowl including the handle and back of the bowl.
  • Remove all toiletries from drawers and cabinets. Wipe clean and replace. Toss any empty or unused items.
  • Clean all mirrors and light fixtures. Replace bulbs as needed.
  • Launder bath mats and toilet coverings.
  • Mop floors and wipe baseboards.

While in the process of getting your home spic and span you might have noticed an abundance of stuff. Part of the whole spring cleaning process is also decluttering and organizing. So now’s the time to make use of your now-spotless floors and go through closets, check under beds, and perhaps even visit the garage or the attic in search of items you no longer need or want.

Check out our next blog for a quick list of items you should toss out, and some items you might want to send our way for consignment.