Entryway and Mudroom Upcycle Ideas


Around here, one day the weather is a wintry mix of freezing rain with a potential for snow, and two days later the sun is shining and it’s a mild 60-degrees.

On Monday you’re wearing a down parka and snow boots and by Wednesday you’ve got on some flats and a windbreaker. The frequent changes in weather make having various weather-appropriate outerwear and shoes available and at the ready one less thing to worry about during your morning hustle and bustle.

Sprucing up your entryway by adding some additional storage or creating a mini-mudroom in your garage are two ways to quickly update and refresh an area of your home and allows form to meet function.

A gently-used 8-drawer dresser can be upcycled into a fun and functional entryway bench with the removal of some drawers, a few pieces of wainscoting, some fresh paint, and a cushion. With the right piece of furniture and a little handy work this project could be tackled in a weekend. And come Monday you’ve got a great place to store some shoes, backpacks, or purses.

mudroom pic 1

An old armoire is easily transformed into an open entryway closet or a portable mudroom for a garage or covered patio. Simply remove the doors, update the paint,  and add a cushion for the bench seating and you’re set!

mudroom pic2

If your family and decor taste call for a more rustic look, a collection of vintage crates can be put together for a fun and functional boot rack. You can arrange the crates and stack them to meet your footwear needs.A vintage soda crate on the top serves as great storage for small items such as scarves, hats, gloves or even umbrellas. For a more mobile piece, add some wheels to the bottom and you’ve got a great storage unit for a garage, laundry room, or mudroom.

mudroom pic3

A vintage door makes for a unique and unobtrusive addition to an entryway that can double as a coatrack with the use of doorknobs or other hardware.. With the addition of a small side or end table you’ve got somewhere to stash small items and a spot underneath to store a pair of shoes or two.

mudroom pic4

A vintage television armoire can be easily updated into an entryway piece or serve as a mini-mudroom. A fun and fresh coat of paint and the removal of the cabinet drawers can take an outdated piece of furniture and make it into something your family uses every day. This particular piece has a rustic wood board background with coat hooks and some brown baskets to capture small accessories and items.

mudroom pic5

Another dresser is upcycled into a more functional piece with a fun coat of paint, some fresh drawer hardware, and the removal of a few drawers so the family can store a variety of shoes in one place, near the entrance and exit of the home.

mudroom pic6

Having a central place for your family to store shoes, accessories and other outerwear can really streamline the process of coming and going. It also helps keep dirt off your carpet and flooring when people remove muddy or dirty shoes in a mudroom, garage, or entryway. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you’re interested in revamping your entryway or creating a mini mudroom for yourself, come check out Second Sale Consignments. We have a variety of vintage and gently-used furniture that is waiting for your creative eye to bring it home and give it new life. From armoires and tv cabinets to dressers and vintage doors, we have a little bit of everything. Take some measurements and stop by the store. If we don’t have something to meet your needs, come back tomorrow! Our stock is constantly changing so there’s always something new to check out.

Contemporary Furniture at Great Prices

contemporary furniture graphic

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines contemporary as, ‘happening or beginning now or in recent times.’ This vague definition misses the mark as it applies to the Contemporary furniture aesthetic. Contemporary furniture, often referred to as modern contemporary furniture, or even modern furniture, is furniture designed after the 19th century and heavily influenced by the modernist art movement. As a result, a furniture style evolved out of simplistic and visual design elements using the furniture itself and the area in which it resides as a part of an overall design theme for a room, office, or home.

Contemporary furniture can be considered any type of furniture that uses modern materials with a simplistic design. The function is considered first and foremost. Creating a visually compelling item is secondary. Contemporary furniture strives to be affordable and attainable.

Post-World War II ideals that called for practicality and minimalism directly influenced the aesthetic of the Contemporary furniture style. Where previous furniture design was more decorative and ornate with styles such as Victorian and Neoclassical, the new furniture style was pared down and simplistic. Modernist furniture design removed decorative elements and placed the focus on the design and functionality of the object as a way to save time, money, material, and labor. Materials such as steel, glass, plastics, and molded plywood led the way in Contemporary furniture design in stark contrast to the dark, carved woods and richly patterned fabrics of previously crafted furniture. Visually heavy furniture became visually light.

Notable furniture design pieces that define and illustrate the Contemporary furniture style are:

The Wassily Chair, created in 1926 in a cabinet making shop in Germany by Marcel Breuer. It embodies minimalist design and uses tubular steel and leather straps to create a design of thin geometric shapes and function.

The Wassily Chair

Wassily Chair

The Eileen Gray Side Table, created in 1927 by French architect Jean Badovici as a simple bedside table while embracing Badovici’s famous refusal to conform to popular ideals. The table showcases unique utility, allowing an adjustment for serving breakfast in bed and is composed of metal and glass in a conical design that is visually pleasing and functional.

Eileen Gray Side Table

The Barcelona Chair, created in 1929 by Miles Van Der Rohe and Lily Reich as an entry in an international design fair in Barcelona, Spain. The chair features simplistic leather patterns and curved tubular steel that creates an aesthetically pleasing chair.

The Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair

Contemporary furniture designers and manufacturers today continue to evolve design with the use of new materials while employing the trademark simplicity of the furniture style. Lightness of form remains preferential to heavy ornamentation with an end goal of continuing to create a new visual experience for consumers. Today, Contemporary furniture remains an icon of elegance and sophistication.

If this particular style of furniture speaks to you, consider stopping by our shop, Second Sale Consignment, in Great Bridge. We have a continuously revolving stock of furniture in all styles and design aesthetics and we’ve almost always got a great piece of Contemporary Furniture in stock. Our inventory changes daily, so if you see something you like, make sure to snap it up quickly. Contemporary furniture pieces are typically in high-demand. Or if you have some Contemporary furniture gathering dust in your attic, we can give you a quote for it and put a little extra money in your bank account.

Give Your Lighting New Life

Are you sick of all the people spouting off the latest mantra, “New year, new you?” How about “New year, new stuff for my house to make it more fun and exciting?”

Yeah?! Ok, we’re here to help. Specifically, as it pertains to updating the lighting in your home.

give your lighting new life graphic

Lighting can play an important role in any interior space. However, people often overlook it when decorating and put the focus on larger items such as furniture, wall color,flooring etc, with lighting often coming in as an afterthought. But having good lighting is a crucial aspect of the overall design of a room or of a home.

Dark hallways, dim lights, and small windows can lend a dreary tone to any room and can impact a person’s mood. And while using natural lighting is important, not everyone has the option. Placing mirrors (we have some!) on walls opposite to windows can help reflect daylight in a room to create brightness. But otherwise, your go-to solution is selecting some great added lighting for your home.

And you’re in luck because our stock is currently chock-full-o-lamps and other lighting options!

For a more streamlined look, match your lighting with your furniture’s style. Classic and traditional decor calls for vintage chandeliers or simple lamp designs. Recessed lighting works great for apartments and other small spaces providing minimalist decor and and a vintage and cozy vibe. Modern furniture styles pair well with ornate, decorative lamps and light fixtures and wall sconces.

If your home is already well-lit, here are a few pinspirations for upcycling some of the great lighting options you have at home. Or come into the store to find an affordable, but high quality lamp that just needs a little lighting facelift. Make us an offer on any lamp or lighting in our store and you’re sure to get a great deal on a piece that you can then make all your own!

These worn brass lamp bases make the perfect base to update your solar light game and give your backyard oasis a more sophisticated look.

upcycle a lamp with a little spraypaint

If this brass base doesn’t match your decor, and you’re looking for something a little more fun and funky, a coat of paint and a new lampshade give this table lamp a new lease on life!

a little spray paint quickly updates this old lamp

If you have some more ornate vintage-style lamp bases or you find some in our stock, they make a unique display for necklaces that will add some elegance and quirk to your bedroom or dressing area.

vintage lamp bases make a great jewelry display

If shabby-chic is your style, consider revamping an outdated lampshade into a fun and funky chandelier for a bedroom or home office space.

an old lamp shade becomes a new baby's mobile

And don’t limit your lamps to indoors! Here’s a great idea for upcycling a floor lamp into a kitschy outdoor flower planter:

and old floor lamp becomes a planter in its new life

This simple gold-colored lamp was transformed into a bright and functional side table with minimal effort:

Lamp to table DIY

So whether you’re in need of some new lighting to update your space or you want to do a little upcycling project, come check out our stock of lamps and other lighting at Second Sale Consignments.

Room Refresh

Now that we’re settled into 2016 (well, we aren’t just yet, are you?) it’s time to get down to business. If your New Year’s resolution didn’t include de-cluttering your home, maybe you’re looking to update a room, or two, in your abode.

Refreshing a room can be done on a tight budget and doesn’t require a ton of work, if you know where you start.

A fresh coat of paint works wonders in changing the feel and style of a room. Even a small change such as one or two shades darker or lighter than the room’s current wall color can make an impact.

just painting a room can make a huge difference

When updating a bedroom, switching out a wooden bed-frame for a metal headboard and footboard can turn a room from rustic and cozy to sleek and modern. Or just painting a wooden or metal headboard a fresh, new color can dramatically change the look of existing furniture. Swapping out window coverings and bedding for a new color scheme will bring the new look together along with a new piece of art or a select few decor items.

headboard before and after

At Second Sale Consignments we always have a variety of headboards and footboards in stock to meet your decorating needs. We’ve also got all styles of artwork and home decor and our items turnover quickly so there’s something new to see every day.

We always have TONS of beds in stock, ready to be repurposed.

We always have TONS of beds in stock, ready to be repurposed.

If you’re up for a larger task such as revamping a living room, there are several routes to take. Again, a change in wall-color will give an immediate change to the room’s feel. If your budget allows, switching out larger furniture pieces such as the sofa, arm chair, or the coffee table will also give you the most bang for your buck regarding visual impact. Toss in a few new throw pillows and a rug, and you’ve got a whole new room.

just changing out one piece in your living room can change the whole feel

From mid-century modern to Victorian, we have a large assortment of living room furniture to choose from at great prices that will make refreshing your entire living room an affordable venture.

And don’t forget lighting! Adding accent lighting to a room with floor and table lamps can enhance the ambiance in a room and provide a different atmosphere depending on what you’re going for. New lamps and lighting can be expensive when bought brand new, but we have TONS of lighting options, including chandeliers, table and floor lamps at great prices. 

lighting can be expensive, but we have lots of affordable options

Whatever your home decor needs are, we’re sure to have something in stock at Second Sale Consignments. From furniture to home decor, we have a little bit of everything. Come check us out if you’re looking to refresh and revamp your living space while leaving a little extra cash in your bank account.

Start the New Year Clutter-Free

Now that you’ve made it through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it’s time for some new year’s resolutions.

If the clutter around your house was weighing you down over the holidays now is the time to weed through it all and make some decisions. And Second Sale Consignments can help you out!

House feeling a little cluttered? Talk to us about selling or consigning!

House feeling a little cluttered? 

We buy single items, rooms full of furniture, entire estates and storage units. We pay cash on the spot for your items and we can even pick them up and haul them away. Give us a call or shoot us an email at secondsaleconsignments(a)gmail.com with photos of your items and a price range you’re looking for and start the process from the comfort of your own home.

We buy furniture, antiques, collectibles, golf carts, boats, cars, gold and silver, art and more. We do not buy clothes. All furniture must be in good condition and we only buy upholstered furniture from smoke free homes.

Before you know it you’ll have less clutter around the house and a little extra cash in your pocket.

If your home is already clutter-free, perhaps your new year’s resolution is to give your living space an updated look. We can help with that too while  making sure you don’t go broke in the process.

Stop by our shop to score some great deals on new, vintage, and antique pieces that can give a fresh look to your home without breaking the bank. Changing out some lighting, a coffee table, or a couch can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. Update the art and change out some collectibles and you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new house. We can even deliver and assemble furniture at your home for a small fee.

We hope you all have a very fun, happy and safe New Year and we look forward to continuing to provide you with high quality, affordable furniture in 2016!


Last-minute Gifting at Second Sale Consignments

Christmas is only a few days away. Have you slacked in the gift-giving department? Are holiday parties and other commitments taking up all of your time?

If you’re part of the procrastination crowd, we might be able to help. Stop by Second Sale Consignments and pick up a gift certificate or peruse our shop for those last-minute gifts.

tday table xmas set

Our inventory is unique and always changing. We’re sure to have something on hand to please anyone over the age of 16 on your gift list. From furniture and housewares to art, jewelry, decor, and lighting, we have a little something for everyone.

depression glass from store

And by shopping with us, you’re gifting local. When you gift local you’re supporting a small business in your community while giving a thoughtful gift. Your dollars help send the little girl down the street to dance class or help your neighbor fix a leaky roof.

jewelry - sanddollar

Small businesses often suffer during the holiday season as many shoppers utilize big box stores or shop online. But during these last few days of potentially hectic shopping are upon us, consider gifting small and avoid the long lines and crazy parking lots. Stop by Second Sale Consignments and our neighbors in the Intercoastal Plaza Shopping Center for some one-of-a-kind gift options and walk away knowing you’ve also given back to your local small business community.

Happy Holidays!