Christmas Decor Is In The Store

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.”


But seriously. All of your favorite big box stores are gearing up for the holiday season, and we’re joining in the festive fun. There’s nothing wrong with a getting a jump start on planning or purchasing your Christmas and holiday decor items.

At Second Sale Consignments we sell a wide variety of Christmas decor items from ornaments and vintage decor to village pieces and an eclectic mix of other items. From modern to traditional, Santa Claus to Frosty the Snowman, we have a little bit of  everything. It’s never too early to start planning. And if you want to start your holiday decorating now then go right ahead!

While you’re at it, make sure you’ve got festive tableware to spruce up your holiday dining experience. Friends, family and other guests will appreciate that extra touch of holiday cheer in the form of joyous holiday cups, plates, glassware and other table accessories.

Want to update your Christmas decor stash but need to make a little room? We also buy certain Christmas decor items if they’re in demand or in great condition. You may be bored of your all-white holiday decor theme but it might be just what your neighbor down the street is looking for to jazz up their holiday home decor. Take stock of your holiday decor items and stop by the store to see if there’s anything we can take off your hands while giving you a little holiday cash to stash in your wallet.

If you need a little extra help in the Christmas decorating department, call up our friend Jeanette with Serendipity Designs. She created this lovely tree especially for our store.  


She can also decorate your home, office, store, or other location with a custom design scheme or themed tree. Contact her directly at 757-752-0080.

serendipity christmas tree collage

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Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

Turkey day is on the way! Are you ready? More importantly, is your dining table ready?

Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

These Turkey Day Themed Pieces Bring Character to the Table

While Thanksgiving is a holiday centered on the idea of taking time to give thanks and recognize positive things in our lives, the day itself is also all about that turkey (and the gravy, and the mashed potatoes, and the green bean casserole and – you get the point). Next to making sure your bird is tender, juicy, and delicious, the most important part of hosting the holiday is your table.

Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

Elegant and classic, these holiday themed Lenox pieces are gorgeous and functional.

Your dining table is the centerpiece of  Thanksgiving where your  friends and family will gather to enjoy a wonderful meal and share in their thankfulness. Your dining table will showcase that beautiful bird and all the fixins. Your dining table is the focal point of November 26, 2015. With that being said, is your table up for the task? If not, we’re here to help. At Second Sale Consignments we have you covered. If your table itself is looking a little shabby or not quite large enough for the crowd you’re expecting, we’ve got a variety of dining table sets in stock for you to choose from that will fit your taste, style, budget, and size needs.

traditional mahogany dining table

Need a newer or bigger table to seat everyone? We can help with that too!

Once you’ve got an appropriate table, it’s time to build your masterpiece. Your table is the canvas for your Thanksgiving tablescape artwork. Eclectic and mix-and-match table settings are on trend right now. So if you’ve got the same-old-same-old set of matching dinnerware, now is the time to mix it up. Or if additional guests expected at your holiday meal, you may be in need of more dishes to accommodated more mouths. Throw in some fun and functional charger plates or different-colored glassware. The sky’s the limit when it comes to mixing patterns, textures, and colors to create a festive holiday tablescape. We have an abundance of new and gently-used china sets, glassware and other serving ware to fill out your place settings or jazz things up.

A festive dish set brings the holidays to the table

A festive dish set brings the holidays to the table.

Make sure you have enough servings ware to dish out everyone's favorites

Make sure you have enough servings ware to dish out everyone’s favorites.

Extra wine and other glasses are essential to making sure no one is drinking out of those old plastic cups from years ago

Extra wine and other glasses are essential to making sure no one is drinking out of those old plastic kiddie cups from years ago.

And while plates and cups are essential to the dining experience, don’t forget all of your Thanksgiving dining table accessories such as gravy boats, fun and funky salt-and-pepper shakers, beverage pitchers, and those fancy schmancy serving platters. Paying attention to the details will add a touch of elegance to your table that your guests will surely appreciate.

Pitchers make it easy to serve right from the table

Pitchers make it easy to serve beverages right from the table

It's not Thanksgiving without the gravy. Serve it up in style.

It’s not Thanksgiving without the gravy. Serve it up in style.

Making punch and serving it in a punch bowl is a great and easy way to keep from making everyone drinks all night.

Making punch and serving it in a punch bowl is a great and easy way to keep from making everyone drinks all night.

So if your dining table needs a little help in preparation for turkey day, stop by Second Sale Consignments and check out what we’ve got in stock. From traditional to modern, functional to funky, we have a variety of china, glassware, and serving ware to meet your needs. Adding a few new items to your holiday table may be all it takes to kick Thanksgiving 2015 up a notch.

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The Holiday Season is Coming

Signs of the impending holiday season are popping up everywhere. All your favorite stores are selling decorations and costumes for Halloween and some have already ventured into the land of Thanksgiving and even Christmas decor.

If, like us, all of this has got your brain working on overload, have no fear. We’re here! If you’re expecting relatives and other house guests throughout the rest of the year, now might be the perfect time to do a little de-cluttering, rearranging, purging, and updating.

Spring isn’t the only time for a good house cleaning. Take a little time to go through your closets and check under your beds for any extraneous items. Get rid of some of those knick knacks gathering dust on your shelves to make room for festive holiday decor. And speaking of holiday decor, starting next month, Second Sale Consignments will have an abundance of festive holiday items for you to choose from to help bring the magic of the holiday season into your home.


Once you’ve purged out all your extras, swing by our shop and see about making a little extra holiday cash off your unwanted items. Something that you no longer have use for in your home might be just what your neighbor down the street has been looking for to add a little pizazz to their living space.

brass and glass side tables

Now that you’ve made a little extra room, reorganize and update your abode to prepare for the influx of guests over the next several months. Perhaps your guest room needs an update with a new headboard for the bed and some matching side tables. Spruce things up with some new bed linens or curtains and before you know it you’ve got a fresh look that’s ready for all of your guests to enjoy.

iron headboard

If your living room is in need of additional seating to accommodate visiting friends and family, and weekend dinner parties, we’ve always got living room sets and chairs in stock. Second Sale is sure to have something to meet your seating needs.

velvet loveseat

At Second Sale Consignments we’re your local one-stop-shop as a location to consign your items as well as a great place to look for gently-used furniture, home decor, and more.

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Headboard and Footboard Pinspiration

Whenever we have an abundance of a particular item, we like to think of alternate uses for those items, to help give our shoppers a fresh perspective on how some of the everyday things in our store can be transformed. With the help of one of our favorite websites, Pinterest, this week we’re bringing you some ideas for upcycling headboards and footboards.

We always have TONS of beds in stock, ready to be repurposed.

We always have TONS of beds in stock, ready to be repurposed.

Perhaps you’ve got an old headboard lying around your house and it doesn’t have a bed for a home. Or maybe you’re looking to replace your bed with something we’ve got in stock, but you want to repurpose what you have on hand – either way, check out what’s pinspired us this week:

If you’ve got a green thumb and you’re blessed to have a garden space in your home, consider upcycling a headboard and a footboard into a raised flower bed. Metal headboards make fun and fanciful garden gates and trellis options if you’re cultivating your very own secret garden.

headboard garden1

headboard garden gate

A headboard or footboard can also transform into a coat rack with a fresh coat of paint and some fun and decorative knobs or hooks.

headboard hangers

headboard coat rack

If you happen to be handy, you can also repurpose a headboard or footboard into a bench for your home or your outdoor space.

headboard corner bench

headboard bench

Another option for either headboard or footboard upcycling is a simple message center for the home, or a sign. If you have a business or want to add some fun signage to your backyard or somewhere in the home, some chalkboard paint combined with your headboard or footboard might be just what you need for a little extra personalization and style.

headboard signs

Upholstered headboards are all the rage these days. If you want to pick up something we’ve got in stock and revamp it  there are a ton of DIY instructions available for ways to upholster your own headboard. If your guest room or master suite are in need of an update or a pick-me-up, adding an upholstered headboard might be just the ticket!

headboard upholstery

If your creative juices are flowing and you’re looking for an outlet, come check out the store and take a peek at our stock of headboards and footboards. Or if you have a bed set laying around that you’re looking to get rid of, we may be able to help you with some consignment options.

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Depression Glass

At Second Sale Consignments we’ve always got a little bit of everything in stock. We try to keep a wide variety of inventory on hand so that we have something to meet everyone’s taste and style.

One item that we often have on hand is Depression Glass.

depression glass

Depression Glass is clear or colored translucent glassware that was often distributed free, or at low cost, in the U.S. and Canada during the time of the Great Depression. During the late 1920s and through the early 1940s, manufacturers such as Federal Glass, MacBeth-Evans, and Hocking glass worked to add a little color into everyday life by producing the product now known as Depression Glass.

The widely-produced molded glassware was often of poor quality and frequently display air bubbles, heavy mold marks and other flaws, but the wide variety of colors and patterns available made it popular. At its height of popularity, more than 20 manufacturers created more than 100 patterns of the glass. Common colors are clear, pink, pale blue, green, and amber. Less common colors include canary yellow, ultramarine, cobalt blue, red, black, amethyst, white (milk glass), jadeite (opaque pale green) and delphite (opaque pale blue). The more popular colors with collectors today are pink, cobalt blue, and green and popular patterns are Cameo, Mayfair, American Sweetheart, Princess, and Royal Lace. The vibrant colors and fanciful pattern names alluded to better times and a longing for the more glamorous lifestyles of the 1920s.

depression glass patterns

When it was new, Depression Glass was highly popular and very affordable. The dime store was a hot spot to pick up the vivid glassware. When thrifty shoppers stopped in to buy a loaf of bread for a nickel, they could also purchase a piece of Depression glass for about the same price. In addition, food manufacturers and other distributors took to putting a piece of the popular glassware in boxes of food as an incentive for shoppers to purchase their items. Movie theaters and other businesses also handed out a piece of the glassware for merely walking in the door. Gas stations even offered Depression glass with an oil change.

While the quality can be substandard, Depression glass has remained highly collectible since the 1960’s. Rare pieces can sell for hundreds of dollars. Some manufacturers continued to create popular items after World War II, and even introduced similar patterns, which are also considered collectible today.

depression glass from store

Questions to consider when starting a Depression Glass collection:

  • Have I learned enough about Depression glass to know what I’m buying?
  • Has the pattern I’ve chosen to collect been reproduced?
  • Do I know how to examine glassware for damage?
  • Do I understand the issues relating to condition, which can diminish the value of the glass?

If you’re a Depression Glass collector or just want to get a firsthand look at what this sparkly stuff is all about, stop by our shop or give us a call to inquire about our inventory.

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Queen Anne Era Furniture

From Mission to Modern to Chippendale to Queen Anne, we’ve had all the furniture styles on hand and in stock for you at one time or another.

At Second Sale, we always have a wide variety of styles and trends to choose from. Occasionally we like to take some time out to give you a little background on a particular style or trend so that you’re a little more knowledgeable as you’re on the hunt to furnish or decorate your home.

Today we’re talking about Queen Anne Style furniture. With notable features and a simplistic design style, these pieces are a great fit for any home and any decor style.

queen anne collage

The Queen Anne style of furniture came about during and after the reign of Anne, Queen of Great Britain (1702-1714). Queen Anne furniture is described as smaller, lighter, and often more comfortable than furniture styles created previously. The term itself, “Queen Anne”, describes decorative styles from the mid-1720s through 1760. Production ran through 1800 in the United States. Although Queen Anne reigned earlier, the name was first applied to the style more than a century after it was fashionable. Occasionally, this type of furniture is also referred to as “late Baroque” rather than “Queen Anne.” This style of furniture can be difficult to date because it can blend elements from the earlier William and Mary style and later Chippendale style. However, Queen Anne style furniture is considered lighter and less chunky in appearance than earlier furniture.

queen anne collage 2

There are several distinct stylings that help denote a Queen Anne piece of furniture. Among these are the cabriole leg. This has been described as the most recognizable element of the Queen Anne style of furniture and was influenced by designs of the French cabinetmaker Andre-Charles Boulle and the Rococo. Most Queen Anne pieces, including pedestal accent tables and bed frames, feature the cabriole-shaped leg, even if on a shorter scale than those used on chairs and tables.

queen anne legs

The pad foot is also another distinct styling found on Queen Anne pieces, along with spade and trifid feet. These replaced the heavier look of the ball foot which was commonly used in William and Mary furniture styling.

queen anne leg 2queen anne leg 1


Various types of wood were used to craft Queen Anne style pieces. Walnut was quite popular as well as cherry and maple. Upholstered pieces were rarely created in the Queen Anne style but can be found in reproductions.

Ornamentation in Queen Anne furniture is minimal in contrast to the earlier William and Mary styles which often featured figured veneers, paint, carving, and inlay.Typical Queen Anne style features include simple fan and shell carvings used to embellish cabinet fronts and chair legs, chairs with yoked-shaped top rails and back splats with a solid vase shape, as as well a horseshoe shape featured on most seats.  However, a notable exception to the quiet ornamentation of Queen Anne-style furniture is a technique known as japanning. This was developed in the West to imitate Asian lacquer work. When used, japanned decoration was frequently in red, green, or gilt on a blue-green field. Queen Anne-style tables can also feature space-saving components such as tilt tops and hinged drop leaves.

If you’re on the hunt for some Queen Anne furniture pieces to complete a room in your home, stop by our shop or give us a call. We can show you what we’ve got on hand or keep an eye out for pieces that meet your needs when we’re out and about at Estate Sales.

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The Importance of a Dining Table

At Second Sale Consignments we always have a revolving door of items. New stock is always coming in and changing on a daily basis. But something we’ve almost always got in stock is a dining room set or two (or ten). From mission to modern, we’ve had all the styles on hand at one time or another.

traditional mahogany dining tableSome people think the formal dining room, and therefore the dining room set is a thing of the past. But the thing about dining room sets is that they’re a really important part of your home. Some may even argue they are THE most important piece of furniture in your home. Often considered to be the centre of the home, the dining table serves a multitude of purposes. It’s a place where families eat, private conversations take place, children do their homework, guests are welcomed, birthdays are celebrated, board games are played, and quiet moments of solace are taken.

maple dining table

Throughout history, dining tables have had different meanings. In the Chinese culture, for example, the size of the table was directly proportional to the number of people a family could feed – the bigger the table, the better. The table was a symbol of status and wealth. Times certainly have changed. Often times today the dining table is overlooked. It serves as a catchall for clutter and papers in many busy households. Families are eating in the living room in front of the television or standing at the counter in the kitchen.

oak country dining table

Here in the South, many believe the dining table should be the heart of your home. It is where everything comes together. It encourages families to sit down and enjoy meals together and it offers a place for guests to chat over a home cooked meal and engage in conversation and camaraderie. Bring back this long-standing tradition in your own home, or if you already observe the act of sitting down and eating together, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade or new look.

The Dining Room Table is an Important Part of the Home

If your home is in need of a dining table, or if you’re in the market to update the style of your dining room decor, stop by Second Sale Consignments and take a look at the various dining tables we have in stock. Whether you want a table for four, or a table for more, we’ve got a little of everything. Or if you have something particular in mind, we can keep an eye out for you and let you know if something comes in to meet your needs.


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Estate Sales

At Second Sale Consignments, we’re more than just your neighborhood second-hand retailer. We’re also very involved in the estate sale business. Many of the amazing pieces you find in our shop come directly from local estate sales.

Second Sale Consignment Does Estate Sales

An estate sale, sometimes referred to as a tag sale, is a way to liquidate the property of a family or estate. These types of sales are generally much more involved and have higher-valued items than your neighborhood garage sale. Estate sales typically occur due to downsizing (due to divorce, retirement, or debt payoff), moving, bankruptcy, or death. The public is invited into the home and provided the opportunity to purchase any item available for sale. Occasionally not all items are for sale as the family has elected to keep them, or perhaps the new owners of the home have made the items part of the purchase contract.

Second Sale Consignment Does Estate Sales

Most estate sales sell a wide range of possessions from the low-end of the spectrum such as used board games and linens, up to the more expensive items such as antique silver and high-end furniture. Estate sales draw everyone from neighbors and friends, to collectors, interior designers, antique dealers and bargain hunters.

If you or someone you know is planning an estate sale in the near future, you may want to consider contacting us. We can provide you a quote for the entire estate and haul all of your items away. We’ll provide you with one flat price rather than you having to piecemeal every vase and dish in the estate. This can not only save you the hassle and stress of holding the sale in your home/a loved one’s home, but can also be less traumatic when dealing with the belongings of someone recently deceased. It can be a difficult experience to sell your belongings, or those of a loved one, for less than you expect, or not see them sell at all, in an estate sale. And at the end of the sale, you may not have sold as many items as needed/expected, and now you’re left with the remaining items. If you partner with Second Sale Consignments, we do all the work, and all you’re left with is money in your pocket and no hassle to speak of.


Our owner/operator, Bob Burns, has been in the antique business since the 1970s and has much experience in the world of estate sales. He is very knowledgeable regarding pricing and recognizing the value of estate sale pieces. At Second Sale we will also research certain items of high value to ensure appropriate value and pricing.

So please keep us in mind if an estate sale is in your future, and pass the word on to your friends. We love helping our community members put a little additional cash in their bank accounts and adding to our store’s ever-changing inventory.


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Chair Upcycle Pinspiration

At Second Sale Consignments our stock is constantly changing. But one thing we’ve always got on hand is a selection of chairs for your various seating needs. And while everything we put in our store is once used and twice loved, it may not exactly suit your style.

So once again we took to Pinterest to find a few ideas for reusing, recycling, upcycling, and updating some of the chairs we have on hand in hopes that you are inspired to stop by the store and pick up a chair or two for a new project.

Garden-Inspired Upcycled Chairs

Our shoppers with a pension for gardening and a green thumb may like the idea of turning a chair into an outdoor planter. A simple coat of outdoor paint and a cutout in the chair’s seat makes for a nice new home for a potted plant, some wildflowers, or a seat full of succulents.



Stylish Ice Bucket Chair

And when it’s time to host a backyard barbecue, simply take out your plants and replace them with a bucket full of ice and everyone’s beverage of choice.


Chair to Bench DIY

While we’re on the topic of outdoor decor, a matching set of chairs can be easily turned into a quaint bench to provide added outdoor seating and provide an extra dose of garden chic charm.


Unique Chair Shelving

A chair back, whether simple or ornate, can live a second life as a small and decorative shelving option. Add a new coat of paint for indoor use, or leave it weathered and shabby chic for your back porch.


Coat Rack Chair Upcycle

Another great option for breathing new life into a once-loved chair is to add some decorative hooks, remove the seat and front legs, and turn it into a unique and creative coat rack or wall decoration. At Christmas time you could use it to hang ornaments, or attach some photos to pretty ribbon and use it to display favorite photos year round.




Dated to Dreamy Chair Upcycle

The fun and fresh chair pictured below was updated with a fresh and bright coat of paint and a swatch of fabric to cover the outdated seat. In no time at all this dated chair was refreshed and given new life.



Pet Bed Chair Makeover

And of course we can’t forget our furry friends. For those extra posh poochies in your life (and kitties too), transform a vintage chair into a fluffy and friendly pet lounge or bed. Not only does it offer a cozy respite for your favorite furry pal but it also upgrades your decor and adds to your style much better than a typical pet crate or cage.



Come on by and check out our current stock of chairs to see if any of them spark your interest for a little something from Pinterest. Or if you have any chairs looking for a new home, we might be able to help you out.


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Decorating a College Apartment on a Budget

The start of the new school year is just around the corner. If you’ve got a college student heading back to campus for the fall semester, living off campus for the first time, or returning to their off-campus abode, you might be in the market for some home decor items and furnishings to spruce up their college domicile while staying within your budget.

At Second Sale Consignments we have everything you might need to send your college student back to school ready to furnish, update, and decorate their home away from home.

Although our stock is always changing, we’ve typically got a good selection of bedroom furniture such as headboards, footboards and cabinets/dressers, living room furnishings like sofas and other seating options, side tables and end tables, and a variety of dining room table sets.

If your favorite co-ed already has the essentials to furnish their college living situation you can help them add a little style to their decor with some of our vintage artwork and other home decor items. Everything old is new again so there’s bound to be something we have in stock that appeals to your taste and that of your college student.

If you’ve got a college student with a pension for Pinterest, then we’ve got you covered. With a collection of picture frames, window panes, china sets, and curios and cabinets to upcycle, your college student can go to town with their pinspirations.







And while you’re here, if you see something that catches your eye, be sure to pick it up. Since our inventory is always changing, there’s no guarantee that something you see in our store today will still be around tomorrow.

Our shopping center home also houses several other unique businesses that may have a few items to help with your quest to furnish your college student’s apartment/home. So make sure you check them out as well. Shopping with local businesses is a great way to support your community and save a few bucks.

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