Coins for Sale

There are two kinds of people that collect coins.

  1. those that collect for personal pleasure and
  2. those that value coins as an investment. 

Most often with the right collection of coins your “investment” could show considerable gains in very little time.   Since gold and silver are ever-increasing in value, many collectors search for coins to add to their collection with only this consideration in mind.  Much to the surprise of many, there are valuable coins that likely pass through your fingers quite regularly.

Arrg! Where’s me booty?


More people than ever are calling themselves coin collectors.  The hunt for rare and special coins can become addicting.  You’ll find coin collectors most anywhere… checking their pocket change, checking their friend’s pocket change, looking for hidden treasures.  Coin collecting has been a favorite past time for many generations.  Its a great way to spend quality time with the family and requires only the amount of money you can afford to spend.  Of course, the more rare the coin you are hunting, the more it will cost to have it.  Hobbies are very important both for stress relief and just to get away from everything and enter your own little world, if only temporarily.

At Second Sale, we buy whole estates and often coin collections will be part of the estate.   We don’t really consider ourselves “coin dealers” but we do have a regular inventory of coins.

Stop by to see what is in our collection today.