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“Your consignment store is a GEM!! We took our time in your store this afternoon and it was amazing!! We loaded our car and the things we bought will be cherished for many more years! Great pieces, vintage pieces, conversation pieces and so much more! We will be back! Thank you!!”
-Hurley Doodle, via Facebook


I just wanted to drop you a line to say that we are really enjoying those
kayaks that we purchased from you on Saturday. We went to Dick’s Sporting
Goods after we left Second Sale Consignments and purchased a smaller one
for our daughter.  We compared the ones we bought from you and similar ones
at the store and we were very satisfied with the quality and the cost of
the kayaks that we purchased from you.

As I mentioned to you, we live on a river and we went kayaked on both
Saturday and Sunday.  It was a blast!”
– Jeanne, via email


“This place always had such wonderful affordable stuff. Most of it is unique and not just something you can get anywhere. Love going into this store!”
– Kristenia, via Facebook


“One of my favorite places to look for furniture”
– Emily, via Facebook


“I went into your store Saturday . . . and was very impressed! I bought some very nice things at affordable prices. Thanks, I’ll be back!!!”
– Pamela, via Facebook


“Awesome store! I could spend hours searching through all of the unique items they have for sale!”
– Becca, via Facebook


“I love this store. I went in a couple of years ago looking for a entertainment unit and keep going back. Recently I was looking for a queen size sleigh bed. I didn’t see one the day I went in so I left my name with them. I never really expected them to call. Well I was wrong. Every time one came in they called. I would rush over to look at it. Well this went in for about 2 months. Last week they called and again I rushed right over. We finally got the sleigh bed we have been looking for. As a bonus we also bought 2 night stands to go with it! Love love love this shop!”
– Kelly, via Facebook


“This consignment store is amazing!! The prices are very good and so much to choose from. The store is organized and you can easily walk up and down the isle. So many years are packed into this awesome store!! Brings memories back and makes you appreciate the “good old days.” The owner is wonderful and likes to work with prices. We bought close to 400.00 in furniture and pieces from him and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!  If you are in the area check them out!”
– Hurley, via Facebook


“Great shop! Wonderful people inside too! Our truck wouldn’t start after we stopped to shop and everyone working came out to see if they could help us. Wonderful treasure hunting!”
– A Little Bizarre, via Facebook


“Loved my visit there! I’m jealous, I wish you were in Fort Worth! The two pieces we wanted were already sold, but now my son knows to come visit often to find what he wants.”
– Kathy, via Facebook